Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chapter 37

So Ellis has had his birthday and is the first one of my children to be a teenager. It makes me feel so old to know I have a child that is a teenager.
Mum has started to get involved though with the other children telling them that their school work is the most important thing, and they should make sure they do it all and don't fall behind. For Dillon as he was the only child it made him so annoyed at her, he couldn't stand being round her, because she would just nag at him.
Since being a teenager Ellis has been helping with the girls, but he souldn't have to much longer as tomorrow is their birthday. I won't have any babies any more. I fell really old now.
Now after their birthday Bambi grew up like this, facially she looks a lot more like her father.
And Silver grew up like this, she looks more like me in the face.

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