Thursday, 30 December 2010

Chapter 37

So Ellis has had his birthday and is the first one of my children to be a teenager. It makes me feel so old to know I have a child that is a teenager.
Mum has started to get involved though with the other children telling them that their school work is the most important thing, and they should make sure they do it all and don't fall behind. For Dillon as he was the only child it made him so annoyed at her, he couldn't stand being round her, because she would just nag at him.
Since being a teenager Ellis has been helping with the girls, but he souldn't have to much longer as tomorrow is their birthday. I won't have any babies any more. I fell really old now.
Now after their birthday Bambi grew up like this, facially she looks a lot more like her father.
And Silver grew up like this, she looks more like me in the face.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Chapter 36

So I am quite heavily pregnant now, and lately wierd stuff has been happening round the house. Things keep moving and Dillon will cry for no reason at all.
I soon gave birth to my first girl, Bambi.
Slowly followed by girl number 2 Silver.
After decorating their room, we just had to teach them to walk and talk. They both picked it up so quickly.
Soon after it was Dillons birthday, he looks so much like me and his grandad.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Chapter 35

With my current preganancy with my second child, I was begining to enjoy spending more time with Ellis. I couldn't wait to have a little family, I want more children, I know I was one of four, but I enjoyed it. Personally I only think I could handle three though.
I soon had my second child, baby Dillon, he is so cute, I think he looks a lot like me aswell.
And then Ellis became a child, well he likes to call it being a young man. He so has my eyes its amamzing.
On his birthday I took Ellis to go fishing as it is something we both enjoy and I knew he would love it.
Then I soon after found out I was pregnant again. I hope that I only have one.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Chapter 34

So my wedding was amazing, me and Niel kept getting told how good be looked and how our children would be real cute, and then Ellis is really cute.
Me and Niel are connecting more than ever, we are so close. We are thinking about more children.
And looks like we got our wish, I'm pregnant, again.
Mom grew up, I can't believe it, she wont be around forever.
And Dad too. I will miss them so much.

Chapter 33

As you can probably tell I am quite pregnant right now and have been for a while. This was a photo from the start of my pregnancy I am now almost ready to pop.
Later the result was my son, Ellis. Isn't he the cutest thing in the world?
After having a baby together I proposed to Niel, he said yes obviously.
Now I think I am a good mother ,but then again the butler looks after Ellis a lot and there are four adults in the house too.
So tomorrow is my wedding. I am so nervous.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Chapter 32

So as you can probably see Gran and Grandpa have passed away. They are missed so much, Mum often sits out by the graves and just looks at them. I guess she will take it the worst, they were her parents after all.
Me and Rayna both grew up aswell. Thats Rayna at the top and obviously me on bottom. I think for twins we look completely different. Obviously Rayna moved out after to get her own place.
Now Dad had warned me that we had a guest coming to live with us for a while. His name was Niel and he was an 'upcoming star' in the acting world. I hadn't talked to him, but Dad told me to stay away as he knew what these 'actor types' are like.
I was upset about it as he was kinda cute, and after we talked we got along great. Dad wouldn't budge though, he wanted me no where near him.
Then one night it happened, he kissed me...

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Chapter 31

So Gran has been talking to Mum for months about who to pick for the heir and Mum has just been putting it off. With all of us teenagers now though it is finally time. She had to pick , and there would be no going back after this.
So obviously they chose me, Izzy. I'm the one with the dark hair, obviously a girl.
Soon after my brothers grew up and left, I must admit I was happy to see them gone. First Duncan left.
And then very, very shortly after Evan. Well on the same day in all honesty, they are twins.
To make my day even better as I jogged past the library I saw a boy I had never seen before. Apparently him and his family have just moved here...