Friday, 26 November 2010

Chapter 32

So as you can probably see Gran and Grandpa have passed away. They are missed so much, Mum often sits out by the graves and just looks at them. I guess she will take it the worst, they were her parents after all.
Me and Rayna both grew up aswell. Thats Rayna at the top and obviously me on bottom. I think for twins we look completely different. Obviously Rayna moved out after to get her own place.
Now Dad had warned me that we had a guest coming to live with us for a while. His name was Niel and he was an 'upcoming star' in the acting world. I hadn't talked to him, but Dad told me to stay away as he knew what these 'actor types' are like.
I was upset about it as he was kinda cute, and after we talked we got along great. Dad wouldn't budge though, he wanted me no where near him.
Then one night it happened, he kissed me...

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